Status Tue Sep 26 06:40:01 2017
Wind   (graph/graph)
 Current: 0.0  km/h   (calm) n/a (000°) 
 Gust: 0.0  km/h   (calm) 
 Todays high: 0.0  km/h   (calm) at 00:00 N (000°) 
  Temperatures   (graph)CurrentHighLowMore
  Rooftop WS Unit19.1°C 21.4°C 19.1°C (°F)
  Indoor Humidity Sensor21.5°C 22.0°C 21.4°C (°F)
  Dewpoint  (graph)10.0°C
  Relative Humidity  (graph)CurrentHighLowMore
  Indoor47% 47% 42% (%)
Lat 42.948     Lon -81.263 (MapQuest)
Sunrise: 6.16Sunset: 18.16
170855 samples in 2 days, 23 hours, 5 minutes
39988275 samples since Thu Oct 14 15:17:06 2004
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*Note: Indicated wind speeds may be too low. Maintenance of a sticky anemometer is required.

London, Ontario, Canada

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