PCR-100 Conduit

The purpose of this program is to act as a software go-between.

It allows your PCR-100 to operate with software designed for the PCR-1000.

It is called a conduit because the command codes destined for the PCR flow through this 'conduit' before reaching your radio.
During the trip through the conduit, the radio codes are modified to look like PCR-100 commands
and the responses are modified to look like PCR-1000 responses.

This software is required if you intend on using a PCR-100 with Ham Radio Deluxe

Software Download:

Quick Install Instructions

Unrar the N8VB files somewhere onto your drive. Click on the install.bat to install the driver. By default it creates a virtual com4 and com5. You only need to install the drivers once.

Unrar the PCR100 program. Click on it to start it. The first time you run it, it will ask some configuration questions. If your radio is hooked up to com1, click Apply & Hide.

Start Ham Radio Deluxe. Select Icom PCR-1000 as the radio. Set the comport to com5. If all is well, Ham Radio Deluxe should start and will remember where it found the PCR-100 for future sessions.

The PCR-100 Conduit program must be loaded each time you reboot your computer. It will place a small radio icon in your tasktray.

Some Notes:

  • The PCR-100 does not have LSB/USB/CW. If you attempt to use these modes, AM will be used.

  • The PCR-100 does not have a 3k filter. If you attempt to use this filter, 6k will be used.

  • Ham Radio Deluxe does not set the volume or squelch at startup time. Move the sliders to start the audio.

New program: miniPCR - A small quick app that allows you to use your Icom PCR receiver with memory presets.

When you run the program, an icon will appear in your tasktray. Left-click to display button panel. Right-click for config screen

Updated: March 8, 2006
** now supports PCR-1500 **


Right-click on task-tray icon to display configuration page