Canadian Callsign Database of Ham Radio Operators  

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Author: VE3PZR  Mark Bramwell

This website will allow you to search & display information about Canadian Ham Radio operators as well as Ham Test Examiners.

The data has been obtained from the "Industry Canada Amateur Radio" PUBLIC download website.

Each morning Industry Canada publishes the current data for everyone to download. This website automatically refreshes each day based on that information.

Any changes you have made to your Industry Canada information will be reflected on this website within a day or two.

No manual modification of the database will be performed.

All information presented by this webpage was put in the Public Domain with the expressed permission of the respective Ham Radio Operators.

The information is presented as a web search only, no printed or DVD versions are available from this website.

The data is downloaded frequently,
the latest download was:

88,845 calls as of 2024-06-19

17,421 calls have requested
their information withheld

If your information is incorrect, or if you want more information about Ham Radio in Canada, contact the "Industry Canada Amateur Radio Service Centre":

Telephone: 1-888-780-3333
Fax number: 1-613-991-5575

Industry Canada Ham Radio Website

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Alternate ccd lookup sites - quad Intel server - quad Intel server speed - Raspberry PI

Callsigns in your GPS

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If you live near London, Ontario...

London Amateur Radio Club
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London area hams by Last Name

London area hams by Callsign

If you live near Sydney, Nova Scotia...

VE1CR Sydney Amateur Radio Club

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Listing of unassigned 2-letter callsigns in Canada

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A long listing of every callsign in Canada

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