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This website allows Verified Amateur Radio Operators to search and display information about Canadian Hams.

This website may require you to verify that you are a Canadian Amateur Radio Operator. If you have requested Industry Canada to withhold your information from the publically available & searchable database, this website will be unable to verify you as a Ham Radio Operator.

This website verifies using the last address given to Industry Canada. If you have moved to another location, you are required as a condition of your licence to notify Industry Canada of your Change of Address.

Only personal callsigns can be utilized, club stations and/or special event callsigns are not used for verification.

The information found on this search page is downloaded daily without charge from the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada website (previously known as Industry Canada).

The verification is saved as a cookie on your device and once verified, you will not be required to verify again until next year.

89,003 calls as of 2024-07-20

17,597 calls have requested
their information withheld

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