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  Canadian Ham-Radio Callsign Database
Search for the callsign information of Canadian Ham Radio operators (optimized for cell phones)
  Ham Radio Repeaters
[ Garmin POI Loader ]
Canadian & US Repeaters for your GPS
  Weather Stations
[ Weather1 - arisk ]
[ Weather2 - bsaxon ]
[ Lucan Weather CAM ]
We have Weather Stations around here...

DMR in London, Ont
How to program your MD-380 for DMR in London, Ontario, Canada
  220mhz mod for your UV-3R
Add the 220 MHz ham-band to your UV-3R mini radio
  220mhz mod for your WLN KD-C1
Add the 220 MHz ham-band to your WLN KD-C1 mini radio
  PCR-100 Conduit software
Allows you to use your Icom PCR-100 reciever with PCR-1000 software such as Ham Radio Deluxe

IP4 Lookup
Give it an IP4 address and it will tell you the country owning that address
  QR-Code Creator
Make your own QR blob
SDF Public Access UNIX System .. Est. 1987
  Internet Speedtest
Test your Network Speed to/from this server

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